• New filter - Sepia
  • New filter - Grayscale
  • Fixed ability to apply filters to images
  • Added ability to set custom attributes to elements with element.set({ custom: { metaInformation: 'my-data' }})


  • General bugs fixes and stability improvements


  • New API for manipulating side panel components
  • New API to change default Google Fonts list
  • New API to change default upload behavior
  • Performance and UI fixes for many side panel components


  • Fix flip quality of SVG images
  • Slightly change toolbar icons
  • store.deletePages(ids) API
  • pdf export fixes
  • New button "fit image to background" in the toolbar
  • downloadButtonEnabled prop for toolbar component


  • Reduced bundle size
  • Fixed "More" button on small screens when a text element is selected
  • New loading indicators are added


  • "Elements" from side panel are real SVG files now
  • Fix "my fonts" add button to filter only font files
  • Animate adding new elements on the canvas


  • Ability to add custom font file from side panel
  • new store.addFont({ name, url }), store.removeFont(name) and await store.loadFond(name) API.
  • Brand new "Elements" panel on sidebar with https://iconscout.com/ search


  • Major upgrade for all internal dependencies.. polotno should be used with react@^17. It may not work with react@^16.
  • Sidebar UI - added ability to set custom sizes
  • New Filter - Simple shadows
  • Sidebar UI - fix scroll issues
  • Sidebar UI - background color fixes, ability to set any background


  • New property for all elements opacity. Add opacity button to the toolbar
  • Added duplicate button to the toolbar
  • flipX and flipY options for image and svg elements
  • Added flip button to the toolbar
  • Added more align and layering options
  • General style fixes and improvements
  • Better font loading


  • Bug fix - better text editing from the canvas
  • New sidebar panel - Upload!
  • Collapsible toolbar for text (better support for smaller screens)


  • New feature - locking. element.set({ locked: true }). Locked elements can't be changed from the canvas by an end user.
  • New feature - stroke and strokeWidth for Text element.
  • Better support for exports of multi-page projects.
  • Bug fix - removing elements from the canvas by keyboard will work only on correct focus.
  • Fix the bug with incorrect page focusing.
  • Performance optimizations.
  • Better dark theme support.
  • Better text rendering and fonts load.


  • Fixes for visual display of vector images


  • Ready to use list of most popular canvas size
  • Infinite scroll for images component
  • Added more default fonts
  • Images from the side bar are inserted with the correct size
  • Add unsplash photos library