Polotno Editor configuration

How to change Upload behavior?#

The default SidePanel Component has Upload tab to import local images into the project. By default polotno just converting local file into base64 string. Resulted URL strings are using for image elements. Using base64 string may produce project with a large size, since images will be fully encoded inside JSON.

If you want to upload local images to your server you can do this:

import { setUploadFunc } from 'polotno/config';
// define our upload function
// you have to write your own logic, that fits your API
async function upload(localFile) {
const formData = new FormData();
formData.append('files[]', localFile);
const res = await fetch(yourServerURL, {
method: 'POST',
body: formData
const json = await res.json();
const { url } = json;
// return simple and short url
return url;
// set new function

How to change available fonts?#

There are two ways to use fonts in Polotno: google fonts and font files.

If you want to change default Google fonts list you can do this:

import { setGoogleFonts } from 'polotno/config';
// pass an array with google fonts names

If you want to add/remove fonts specified by direct font path please use Store fonts API.