Side Panel

SidePanel provides default set of components for adding new elements into the canvas, changing pages sizes, etc.

import SidePanel from 'polotno/side-panel/side-panel';
const MyPanel = () => {
return <div><SidePanel store={store} /></div>;

The SidePanel will automatically take full width and height of its parent. So you don't have adjust its size manually. You can just setup the size of parent <div> with CSS.

How to customize side panel tabs?#

You can pass sections property to <SidePanel /> component to specify all available tabs manually. Here is the default UI:

import SidePanel, { DEFAULT_SECTIONS } from 'polotno/side-panel/side-panel';
const MyPanel = () => {
return <div><SidePanel store={store} sections={DEFAULT_SECTIONS} /></div>;

Here is the custom solution: