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Workspace is the main React component that you are going to use to display the drawings and interact with them. All manipulations with canvas are made via Store.

import { Workspace } from 'polotno/canvas/workspace';import { createStore } from 'polotno/model/store';
const store = createStore({  key: YOUR_API_KEY, // you can create it here:  // you can hide back-link on a paid licence  // but it will be good if you can keep it for Polotno project support  showCredit: true,});
const App = () => {  return (    <div style={{ height: '100vh' }}>      <Workspace store={store} />    </div>  );};

The Workspace will automatically take full width and height of its parent. So you don't have adjust its size manually. You can just setup the size of parent <div> with CSS.

Hide page controls#

Optionally you can hide UI to add/remove/duplicate pages.

<Workspace store={store} pageControlsEnabled={false} />

Workspace styling#

Optionally you can change some styles of the workspace.

<Workspace  store={store}  backgroundColor="grey"  pageBorderColor="black" // border around page  activePageBorderColor="red" // border around active page. It will be used only if you have several pages. Otherwise just pageBorderColor will be used/>